Welcome to Kenya Horticultural Development Program (KHDP)

The Kenya Horticultural Development Program (KHDP) is a USAID-funded effort to increase incomes through smallholder production and employment in the horticulture industry. USAID-KHDP works directly with small farmers and public and private sector agencies throughout Kenya to improve production and marketing and create new opportunities. USAID-KHDP's main agribusiness partners include grower associations, input suppliers, processors, exporters, research institutions and trade associations.

The program's slogan, "MAPATO ZAIDI KWA KUPITIA KILIMO BORA," is Kiswahili and roughly translates to "increased incomes through better farming."

This Web site, KenyaAg, is the information portal for the project and serves the public, the Kenyan agribusiness community and interested buyers. KenyaAg promotes the development of the Kenyan agribusiness sector by providing information on available trade and investment opportunities and crop-specific technical information. It is a free service provided by Fintrac, the contractor working for the United States Agency for International Development to implement the USAID-KHDP.